TVR 450 SEAC History



Type:                            450SEAC

Chassis Number:          SDLDEN5P7MF011443

Engine Number:            47A45P193

Body Code:                  P422 A888B

TVR Colour Code:       P173 Cureton Green (same as BMW 205 Malachi Green)

Build Complete:            October 1990  (Horseless Carriage contact in Harrogate)

First registered: 7th August 1991 (Peninsula)

Registration Number:    J 5EAC (original number was J642OPL)

Weight:             1050 Kg

Capacity:                      4441cc

BHP:                            324 (TVR Figures)

Torque:                        Lots


Information found from contacts


[First registered in June 1991 (Richard Sallis)]

[Registered at DVLC currently as a 450SE]


Engine rebuild at Tower View (past bill)

-         Dave Wallis remembered the car as owned by Howard Burgess. The engine rebuild was to repair damage and to add a ‘big valve head’ along with a changed camshaft.


Fernhurst Motor Company were contacted in June 2004 to enquire if they had any archived material on the car, but state that the older cars they sold had not been transferred to their computer systems. However the details had been returned to the factory


Portfield Motors were also contacted in June 2004, but had lost all of their extensive archived information in a fire in the last year.


At Horseless Carriages in Harrogate, I met one of their sales men, who knew the car when owned by Burgess. Apparently, when the car was first sold, the price was over 62000. The car had been completed but was modified before selling to reflect some of the extras that were added to the SEACs  even as good as they were.



Previous Owners


A Binnings (Investors Advisory Service, Broadfield House, Shalford, Guildford)

            From 1st August 1991; sold by Fernhurst Motor Company.


Martin O’Neill (3 Manor Gardens, Rustington, Northampton BN16 3SR)

            From 14th September 1993


?? Mr N Wood (23 North Lane, Rustington West Sussex BN16 3PL)


Howard Burgess (28 Foxglove Close, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 4PU)


Current Owner from 1st July 2001 – Phil Sissons (me)

            Mileage: 36919



History summary





1st August 1991


Sold by Fernhurst Motor Company to Mr A Binnings; Fernhurst completes pre-delivery inspection

4th September 1991


Fernhurst complete 1000 mile service.

10th February 1992


Fernhurst complete 6000 mile service

4th August 1993


Fernhurst complete 12000 mile service

14th September 1993


Sold to Martin O’Neill

28th January 1994


Fernhurst complete 18000 mile service; 728.80; replace with new ‘heavy duty’ clutch.

11th May 1994


Fernhurst complete 24000 mile service; 366.97 + 574.38; new driveshaft UJs and ball joints

20th September 1994


Service at Fernhurst; 353.63; New tank

29th March 1995


Portfield complete 30000 mile service

30th August 1995


MOT on plate J5EAC

17th May 1996


Portfield complete 36000 mile service; 747.91; replaced clutch

4th September 1996



15th May 1997


MOT at Portfield, Chichester

16th June 1997


Portfield complete 42000 mile service

- -


Sold to Howard Burgess

7th August 1997


Stainless Steel Sports exhaust from Wedge Automotive; 506.00

19th December 1997


Service at Wedge Automotive; 4609.18; recovery then ‘rebuild and modify’ engine, fit competition clutch and fast road pads, new rocker shafts.

3rd August 1998



15th August 1998


Service at Wedge Automotive; 722.47; new rear shock absorbers and exhaust manifold.

15th August 1998


Wedge Automotive fitted ‘big brake kit’; 1145.63

19th July 1999


Sold to Mrs J M Burgess

30th July 1999


MOT in Bishop’s Stortford

5th June 2001


Tower View Racing provide high pressure fuel pump; 193.87

17th June 2001


MOT in Harlow

1st July 2001


Became mine

18th September 2001


Service at Peninsula TVR

8th July 2002


MOT at Eastwood Garage, Penryn

30th October 2003


MOT and service at Peninsula TVR, Sidmouth; 697.96

16th November 2003


Mileage declaration for insurance

17th June 2004


Tune and checks at Brooklands in Truro – Steering  UJ, radiator leaks

24th November 2004


Mileage declaration for insurance

12th January 2005


Service at Peninsula TVR - 1169.74



MOT at Peninsula TVR

15th September 2006


Wheels refurbished by Andy Styles



  1. Richard Sallis (TVR CC Archivist) reviewing archive database during telephone call June 2nd 2004.
  2. Tower View Race Services during phone call 25th May 2004.
  3. Past MOT Certificates
  4. Past bills for servicing etc
  5. Peninsula TVR paperwork
  6. Autocolour Ltd on 01449 771771



  1. June 19th 2004 – RAF Portreath, timed sprints over 0.25 mile


Run No

Reaction Time

Run Time

Terminal Speed


0.68 Secs

15.690 Secs

108.63 mph


0.24 Secs

15.260 Secs

108.90 mph


0.67 Secs

15.460 Secs

109.39 mph